Southern Ontario Speedway 2019 Season – Thunderstock Division

Thunderstock Division

1. A $500 cash award and the $250 product award will be given out at the end of the regular racing season.

2. The eligible team that is highest in the points standing will be awarded the $500

3. The team with the highest point count does not have to win their division in order to be eligible for the award.

4. The $250 product award will be given to an eligible team that was lower in the points standing.

5. The team winning the $250 product award will be chosen in a draw at the banquet. A certificate will be given to the winning team to use in the 2020 racing season.

6. In case of a tie in the points standing the $500 prize will be split between the teams.

To be Eligible:

1. Teams must purchase a minimum 2 cases (12 qt cases) or 1 pail of motor oil, a half case and a half case of brake fluid over the race season.

2. Teams must purchase Champion Oil products directly from RM Racing Lubricants to be eligible. Proof of purchase will be required.

3. Teams must display a RM Racing Lubricants Decal on an outside panel on both sides of their car for the full race season.

4. Teams sponsored by RM Racing Lubricants are not eligible.